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Hakeema gathers contributions from your team to automate your stakeholder engagement, newsletter curation, and SEO marketing. We help organizations bring their stakeholders closer by making it easy to share their impact and expertise.
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January 1st, 2022 Announcement

Dear supporters,

After three wonderful years building software for the social sector we've decided to shut down Hakeema.

Where we did well: our little team was 100% bootstrapped and client-funded with $600k in revenue in 2.5 years. We were also profitable from day one and retained over 80% of our customers. We partnered with some of the brightest teams in the social and public sectors, and in the last year alone, we saw over 250,000 users interact with their Hakeema-powered platforms.

Why we're stopping: we learned that most nonprofits need custom platforms, especially when specific implementations are required by their grant proposals or funded programs. Because of this, we ended up in the role of a profitable software agency rather than a scalable software company, which runs counter to our team's DNA as well as our ambition for growth.

That said, it's obvious this asset has helped a lot of people. If you're a technologist and endemic to the social sector, we'd love to gift our work to the right partner. You can see various demo videos here and contact kyle@hakeema.com if you have interest.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful few years!

Kyle and the Hakeema Team

Trusted by social sector teams everywhere

Trusted by teams everywhere

A natural marketing workflow

Capture your work

Capture contributions without getting overwhelmed

Gather updates from team members. Use Hakeema's Chrome extension to pull together docs, charts, video, and ideas.

Hakeema integrates with the tools you already use, like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and YouTube so everyone can add their contribution as they work.

Software integration icons
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An iPhone with a Hakeema demoA web app Hakeema demo

Tag content to engage different groups

Use Hakeema's smart tags to arrange content however you'd like. Tags let you create different sub-communities and campaigns on a whim.

Invite internal and external contributors so everyone can access what's relevant to them.

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A group of people forming communities

Keep teams and supporters fluent and savvy

You work hard to get in front of the right people. Make sure those moments count, and enable everyone to provide value, know their company, and tell a good story.

Hakeema keeps your people fluent and motivated. Generate buzz from every recorded call, blog post, proposal, and deliverable.

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A Hakeema demo on exporting content

Engage your world via newsletter, SEO, and social

You're constantly fighting for attention in a noisy world. Hakeema keeps your marketing engine running by turning atomic team contributions into both a personalized newsletter and shareable, SEO'd hub.

By turning up the lights on your market assets and relationships, you can better see clear paths for engagement.

Integration icons for social media and newsletters

The Tools.

Public + private knowledge hub · have teams capture insights in a way that can immediately be turned into a public- or partner-facing assets.

A web clipper ·
Hakeema's web clipper not only makes it easy to capture your insights, but it also makes it easy for your teams to find relevant posts as they're emailing prospects and partners.

Personalized newsletters · The bedrock of a stakeholder community is often its newsletter. Hakeema allows you to craft both manual and automatic personalized digests. Stay top-of-mind while giving them continuous learning that's relevant to them.

Distributed & networked communities · Hakeema allows you to collaborate across ecosystems and distributed organizational networks. Invite multiple partners to claim pages & co-create.

Social media & blog sharing · enable your stakeholder community to find and grab content, that they can easily repost to their blogs and social media channels.

The Services.

Custom Monitoring and Curation
Produce media that resonates. As your team compete to be the go-to brand in your niche pull from your Hakeema platform what fits.

Collect research
Hakeema's browser extensions make it easy to collect web and market research from anywhere—emails, apps, reports, dbs, interviews, CRMs, etc.

Updates, Surveys, and Checkins
Keep your team on beat with your ecosystem. Be sure everyone on the team can demonstrate deep expertise.

Collaborate and remix assets
Remix past work with current research. Centralize team Q&A. Share the bird's eye view of your world.

Scale content marketing naturally
By breaking up assets into reusable blocks, your team is able to create a content marketing engine of reports, podcasts, tweets, and posts.

Engage and enable stakeholders
Provide teams or stakeholders with custom email newsletters and access to programs. Stay top of mind by starting their days with clarity.

Start everyone's day with clarity

Capture research and activity

Track programs and partners

Embed reports and analytics

Share with stakeholders

Find grantmakers

Track engagement

Capture funding and opportunities

Scale networks

Understand engagement activity

"Hakeema ties our world together"

Michael Horn, Author of "Blended," "Disrupting Class," "Choosing College"

"When you're identifying pathways for growth, you to see both precise detail and the big picture. Hakeema gives us these capabilities daily."

Mat Frenz, VP of Research & Development at Entangled (and now advisor to Hakeema)

"It's the only platform I’ve seen that blends algorithmic excellence with an understanding for human behavior."

Molly Jamieson Eberhardt, Program Director, R4D

"Partnering with Hakeema was a home run. One of the best decisions of my career."

Nathan Martin, Director of Thought Leadership at Pearson

"When I first saw this platform my eyes lit up! This would save us so much time..."

Melanie Smuts, Founder and CEO of Streetlight School (perspective from a platform partner)

"In record time, we had a hub specifically catered to our network's needs. Working with Hakeema is a real pleasure."

Zineb Mouhyi, Policy & Partnership Development Officer, WISE

"Our stakeholders can share and benefit in their day-to-day. This keeps everyone engaged."

Daniel Plaut, Senior Program Officer, Results for Development

"Hakeema is pivotal in building understanding and connection that just weren't there before."

Felipe Prado, Program Manager of Co-Incide, SUMMA