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Remain the authority and key resource for your industry.

With the Hakeema platform, you can create a visual market intelligence platform of the companies and players in your industry. Anyone can enrich profiles and portfolios by adding news, connections, insights, and more. The most compelling content is curated in a weekly newsletter to keep your sector engaged.


Create a revenue flywheel with you at the center.

Hakeema enriches your existing data so that every member profile and platform action becomes a revenue opportunity. Companies in your industry are spending millions of dollars for marketing intelligence and reach. Be the one to provide it and make market intelligence your number one revenue stream.


Build a passionate following in less time.

Hakeema brings your industry and your organization to life by showcasing the most compelling and useful activity across your member network in an easy to navigate intelligence atlas. Easily share the information your members care about on the platform, through the newsletter, and across the web.


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