Be the #1 go-to brand for industry intelligence.

By creating an industry hub with Hakeema, you'll be providing the most trusted and important resource for your industry. Our market intelligence tools and fully-managed services make it simple to maintain a beautiful, authoritative, wide-reaching online resource. With Hakeema, all roads lead back to you.


Create a revenue flywheel with you at the center.

Vendors in your industry are spending millions of dollars to get in front of buyers and earn their trust. The Hakeema's platform creates new revenue streams for your organization by charging vendors to gather reviews, capture leads, and upgrade to premium profiles.


Build a passionate following quickly.

Hakeema brings thousands of industry buyers and vendors to your doorstep. Hakeema's platforms allow you to build and curate industry intelligence and content, produce industry newsletters, and talk directly to organizations of interest.

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