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Compare vendor performance

Hakeema algorithmic scoring technology powers Aristotly vendor ranks to make it easy for buyers to compare vendors.

Share and read reviews

Vendors can reach out to their clients to leave on-platform reviews. Vendors pay hubs to help gather reviews so they can earn buyer trust.

Line up vendor meetings

Consult requests are embedded directly in the platform so you can help matchmake between vendors or let buyers reach out to vendors directly.

Subscribe to a weekly email brief

News, discussions, and community Q&A are easily rolled up into a daily or weekly email brief.

Revenue & reach with every click

  • New Revenue
    Companies pay for premium profiles and services to capture leads and gather reviews.
  • SEO & Ranking
    With every hourly update or profile added, your hub becomes more discoverable and more highly ranked in Google and Bing.
  • Social Shares & Clicks
    Every social share gives users on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more paths to discover you.
  • Email Opens & Clicks
    Industry briefs give your members more ways to discover you.
  • Page Views
    Community shares, posts, and news feeds pull people back to your organization. Combined with SEO, this leads to much higher exposure frequency.
  • Mailing List Size
    Use every new visit as an opportunity to capture another email address and prospect.

With Hakeema,
every platform action...

increases revenue
and expands reach

Fits into your existing content strategy

Website & Blog

Hakeema and your website are a power couple. With Hakeema, you can export anyone’s posts or assets to your website or blog, including Wordpress. This new workflow makes it easier to keep your website fresh and link back to profiles.

Social Media

With one click, you can share discussions, news, and profiles on social media or email. Managing your official Twitter and Facebook accounts becomes a breeze. Social media managers, employees, and new users can all share their favorite content on their own accounts.

Email Newsletters

Hakeema allows you to easily pull and curate content into popular email tools like MailChimp. Comms teams will find it easier to prepare something engaging every week. With Hakeema, it's easy to find what's popular and strategic.


Copy posts and assets for use in your print materials, whether you use Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suites. When internal requests are made for information, you can share links and handle requests in seconds.

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