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Learn how Hakeema can strengthen and grow your MEMBER ENGAGEMENT AND GROWTH while saving you and your team time.

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Build a passionate community in less time.

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Data and Comms Quality
Edit to ensure voice & consistency. When comms teams have more to work with on a consistent basis they don't have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Imagine member-powered
marketing automation

  • Email Opens & Clicks
    Personalized industry briefs give your members more ways to discover you.
  • Page Views
    Community shares, posts, and news feeds pull people back to your organization. Combined with SEO, this leads to much higher exposure frequency.
  • Mailing List Size
    Use every new visit as an opportunity to capture another email address and future supporter.
  • Page Promotion
    Each profile showcases a company or individual. When your people promote & share their pages, they promote your organization too.
  • SEO & Ranking
    With every hourly update, you become more discoverable and more highly ranked in Google.
  • Social Shares & Clicks
    Every social share gives users on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more paths to discover you.

With Hakeema,
every member action...

...strengthens your association and expands your reach.

A magical new
communications workflow

Website & Blog

Hakeema and your website are a power couple. With Hakeema, you can export anyone’s posts or assets to your website or blog, including Wordpress. This new workflow makes it easier to keep your website fresh, and link back to member profiles so people can get a better feel for your organization’s latest happenings.

Social Media

With one click, you can share industry news, member posts, or profile pages via social media and email. Managing your official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts becomes a breeze. Anyone in the organization and beyond, including volunteers, donors, and board members, can share their favorite news on their own personal social accounts. Every share grows your community.

Email Newsletters

Hakeema allows you to export content to popular email programs like MailChimp. But it also enables your most active supporters, partners, and employees to personalize their own email feeds by following topics, areas, and programs. Comms teams just don't have enough time to prepare something engaging every week. With Hakeema, the right news is sent automatically to the right person.

Print & Requests

Copy posts and assets for use in your annual report or print materials, whether you use Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suites. Also Hakeema makes it much simpler to handle requests for information, and empowers directors, fundraising staff, press, and donors can retrieve their own assets from Hakeema when needed. When they do ask you, you can handle the request in seconds.

Works with the tools you already use

Hakeema encourages communications best practices.

Define audiences and segment content for relevancy
Batch content with Hakeema Collections for easy segmentation.
Share updates your
members care about
Let your most passionate supporters follow their own interests and get personalized news feeds in their inbox.
Get more voices to contribute, yet have consistent voice
Give a voice to volunteers, board members, partners, and teams. Edit for consistency.
Track individual interactions and activities
Hakeema leaves a paper trail of activities so you can creep on who loves what.
Use of visuals & media
"Hey Major Donor, you gotta see these photos our volunteers in Nairobi snapped."
Engage constituents on multiple channels
Hakeema helps your content find its way to the cool kids wherever they happen to wander in this wild web.
Repurpose your content
All your content, easily discoverable, shareable, and exportable to Twitter, newsletters, blogs, and more.
Connect to larger metrics & goals
Hakeema analytics sheds light on who cares about what, and how to get them to care more.
Shorter emails, more often
Hakeema makes it easy to export stories to newsletters so you can get more news out quickly.

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